FeLV With Love Memorials
For only $20.00 a year you can register to have your departed loved one memorialized in our FeLV With Love Memorials Directory. Your memorial will automatically be renewed yearly unless you cancel it, and the proceeds will go to help raise money for the FeLVTalk List.

You can write a tribute to a lost loved one with up to 4 photos, and share your memorial with friends and family. It's a lovely way to remember your loved ones and help save positive cats, many who will have their lives ended prematurely because of testing positive and the many misconceptions about this disease. Please use the Pay Pal link below to pay for and register your memorial. Once your payment is made you will automatically be taken to the add your memorial page, simply fill out the form it will be sent to us and usually added within 48 hours, you will be notified if there are any problems.

Please email me with any questions, suggestions or if you need help.

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