FeLV With Love Memorials
FeLV With Love Memorials is a virtual memorial to your departed loved ones in spirit, both pets and people. This is where you can write stories about your loved ones that have departed. All the little special things you remember about them and want to share with the world.

Bailey my positive, would automatically be euthanized by many vets for testing positive for FeLV. Our desire at FeLV With Love Memorials is to help you through the grief of losing those special beloved pets and people. It is hoped that sharing the memories of your dearly departed ones with others will help you in this sad time. And in doing this you will be helping us to raise money to keep the FeLVTalk List up and running and hopefully raise public awareness about this virus. If this website helps you, then we can be satisfied that we have accomplished our goal in healing you and helping to save positive cats from a premature death.

Thank you for caring.

** We lost Bailey (pictured) on May 6th, 2006. He was 11 years old and positive since 5 months of age.
To write a beautiful memorial for a much loved and missed pet or person, please click here.
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